Included with the NFA7v7 All-American Player Membership will be participant accidental insurance.  Below are several important details regarding that insurance.


What are the benefits:

Accidental Medical Expense:  The NFA7v7 will pay excess over and above any amount(s) paid or payable under any other insurance plan or union welfare plan, or prepayment arrangement, any federal, state, or other governmental plan or law, whether provided on an individual basis or by membership in an association whether insured or uninsured, incurred as the result of any one accident up to the maximum benefit indicated in below and subject to the plan's deductible.

Accidental Death & Specific Loss:  If injury to the Eligible Person results in the death or dismemberment of the eligible person, within six months after the date of the accident, the NFA7v7 will pay the benefit as provided by the plan selected.

Accidents Covered - Activities and events conducted and supervised at NFA7v7 Official Events including; tournament play, award ceremonies, banquets and meetings.

Coverage Amounts - $50,000 (excess coverage).  The benefits provided by the NFA7v7 are excess to any valid and collectible coverage.  In the absence of other coverage, this policy will provide primary benefits, subject to the deductible shown below.

Deductible - $500

Policy Start Date - As soon as membership is approved

Policy End Date - 9/1/2014

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